I owe an apology…

To liberals, because of my “Jesus would’ve been a republican” stance that led me to believe all liberals were evil. Now I see the good in the things they stand for in politics. And especially thank you for making it possible for a poor person like me to pursue my college dreams. I know conservatives aren’t too into that kind of thing. 

To pro-choice activists and Planned Parenthood for all the unjust hatred I harbored towards you for promoting the “murder of innocent children”. I recognize now that you are only giving women a choice of what to do with their bodies, and making those choices safe and accessible. As a former pro-life activist, I now see how dire it is to make this choice available. Every woman should be allowed to have an abortion should the need arise. And every  woman should have access to birth control. So thank you for making that possible. 

To Obama for hating you just because it was the Republican thing to do. I apologize that I didn’t have the courage to stand up to the Republicans i knew when it came time to vote. But know that I rejoiced when I saw that you had won. I support you fully as the President of the United States. You’re doing a great job, no matter what the Republicans say. 

To feminists for hating you as well because you oppose so many biblical standards. Now that I see the bible for what it is, I think those standards are right to be opposed. I thank you for the equality you have brought to woman. Women should not be silenced, as the bible demands. 

To atheists because I thought you were terrible people. Now, I know that to be false. Perhaps atheists are even better than Christians because they don’t do all that they do based on a reward/punishment system. 

To scientists because I always thought you were just trying to “disprove god”. But if the evidence points away from god, so be it. 

To anybody that I judged while being a Christian because it was wrong. And I’m sorry. 

I realize that Christianity led me to hate more than it led me to love. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have even a hint of hatred towards Christianity at this point. Maybe one day I’ll come to terms with it. But right now I hate what it did to me and I hate what it does to those I know. I would just like to see the world to be more loving and religion free.